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 Goals for the book series
  • • Self-learn: Analysis, problem solving, decision making, skills
  • • Make learning problem solving,
    •     o A fun activity and not a chore
    •     o Easy to understand, for anyone with high school education
    •     o Memorable, to remember how to use the tools in real life situations
  • • Books I – IV use puzzles and games to make a drab subject fun
  • • Books V – VII apply learning from puzzles and games, to real world problems
 Cost of the books
  • • Around USD 7 per book (print on demand)
  • • Around USD 5 per book (offset printing, if demand exists)
  • • Shipping, at actual cost
 Intended Audience
  • • Mature individuals prepared to invest time and effort to learn problem solving
  • • Anyone with basic highschool education
  • • College students
  • • STEM (Science, Technical, Engineering, Mathematics) students
  • • NEET's (Not in Education, Employment, Training)
  • • Employed individuals
 These are not 'puzzle' books!
  • • These books focus on problem solving. Period.
  • • Puzzles and games are merely tools to help on your problem solving quest
  • • A puzzle solver would rush to find any kind of 'answer'
  • • The problem solver will find all solutions; apply analysis and insight to the next problem
 The books are difficult to understand!
  • • This is not a 'weekend' book, or a book to skim through for nuggets of information
  • • Book I starts simple, with problems children solve! But the analysis is no child's play
  • • The expert problem solver can skip Book I, the novice is advised to start at the beginning
  • • Trying out the problems and understanding them will take time and effort
  • • The problems are easy to understand, with basic high school education
  • • Problems gradually get complex (not difficult!) as you progress on the problem solving pathway
  • • Skip the initial problems, and you may get lost in later analysis
  • • Follow the Problem Solving Pathway, to benefit from the insight it offers!
 More about the book series
  • • Proper analysis is 90+% of your problem solved
  • • Start off wrong and you waste time correcting a half-baked solution
  • • Get lucky and you may not find the optimal solution
  • • Get lazy and you may not discover all possible solutions
  • • A series of books not for the faint-hearted, the casual reader, the 'learn in 24 hours' enthusiast.
  • • Even simple puzzles have a lot of analysis, when studied as problems to be solved!
 Who am I?
  • • A graduate in Electronics and Information Management, I live in Mumbai, India
  • • Worked in IT infrastructure and operations
  • • Worked in pre-publishing large print books for learning and vision challenged individuals
  • • Worked in typesetting of mathematical books and financial booklets for offset printing
  • • Freelance typesetter for mathematical content (books, articles, papers, slideshows)
  •     o LaTeX software used for typesetting all content, illustrating all diagrams and figures
    •     o Since July 2015, working with professors at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •     o Typeset and illustrated ‘Introduction to Linear Algebra, 5th Edition’ (ISBN 9780980232776)
  •     o Typesetting and illustrating ‘Linear Algebra and Learning from Data (available 2018)
 When will the books be available?
  • • Books I & II are ready!
  • • They will be made available by the 'Print On Demand' model
  • • Please suggest PoD organizations to deliver books worldwide
 Will more samples be made available?
  • • Probably.
  • • Fill out the Contact form, specifying that you want to be notified